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The documentary

King Tide

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Located halfway between Hawaii and Australia and once part of the British empire, Tuvalu's total land mass comprises only 26 square kilometres, scattered over 900.000 square kilometres of Pacific Ocean.

Beyond the appearance of an easygoing life, the threat to Tuvalu’s future is an obvious danger that everyone has been forced to recognize. The highest point of Tuvalu is only four and a half meters above sea level. The average elevation is not even two.

But still, in spite of the evidence of climate change, many people in Tuvalu don’t believe they will be forced to leave, and point to their bibles for proof. In the deeply Christian country, great faith is placed in the words of Genesis, which says that rainbows are proof God is keeping his covenant made with Noah to never again flood the earth. What is going to happen to a nation without their home islands to anchor what is left of their culture?


A documentary by Juriaan Booij
© 2007, colour, 48 min.



April 28, 2009
Broadcast of King Tide on ORF, Austria.


March 18, 2009
Broadcast of King Tide footage on CNN Turkey.


January 17, 2009
Broadcast of King Tide footage on RTHK, China.


Film festivals

September 19, 2009
Cine MuBe Vitrine Independente
São Paulo, Brazil



September 25 – October 4, 2008
DOCSDF, 3rd International Documentary Film Festival Mexico City, Mexico



July 14 – September 14, 2008
World Expo Zaragoza, Spain
Screened on daily basis in Water Pavilion cinema theater. The festival is host to nearly 6 million visitors.



June 24-29, 2008
Ecofilms Festival
International Film and Visual Arts festival, Rodos, Greece



October 25-28, 2007
Shoot Me Film Festival 2007
The Hague, The Netherlands